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Which all the locations do you deliver in India?
We deliver our products all over INDIA.

Do you deliver the dresses outside India or Not?
We are delivering our dresses in more than 150 countries and expecting to increase our reach to other countries too.

Are all your products 100% genuine?
At www.matrikafashions.com we provide 100% genuine products with the Matrika brand.

What do you mean by Product Status shows in your website?
Product status shows the exact stage of dress in which condition we will provide you the dress. Detail is as below:

Dress Material or Un-stitched: We will give you the cloth/fabric only and you need to sew or stitch the dress at your end by your personal tailor.

Semi-Stitched: We will give you the dress which will be in semi prepared stage, it means dress which we showing is open on Arms and on the waist on both side. You need to sew the dress according to your fitting.

Stitched: We will give to the ready to wear dress and the available size will be displayed under the Item Description.

Do the shipping charges vary from country to country?
Yes, for India shipping charge free and out of india, pls check shipping policy.

What will be the estimated shipping & delivery time once I place my order?
We make our best efforts to deliver each item within 5 to 7 working days in India of your placing the order. However in some unfavourable condition, we may take few more days, to deliver an order as depending upon the location.

For the outside India It may vary from 7 to 12 working days of your placing the order.
Orders placed after Saturdays 10:00 AM will be processed for shipment only on the following Mondays. In this case the delivery time estimates may vary slightly from State to State. Week-Days are calculated as working days, except weekends Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays throughout the year.
To know the exact shipping time it will take your order to be delivered – Please visit our Shipping Policy.

Is it mandatory to create a Matrika Fashions account for shopping?
No, you no need to, but there are multiple advantages you get by creating a Matrika account including a faster checkout process.

For an un-registered user we will create a new account with the email-id you provide during checkout & mail the account details to that email-id.
Please check your Inbox/Spam folder to get this mail and add this account to your contact list to get the email in Inbox folder.

How to create a Matrika account?
Click the Login link in the top of the page and enter the required details. We will send you an email in which you will get your login credentials. You need to fill these detail on the provided space at Login page to verify the account and complete the registration process.

Payment / Transactions
What are the payment options available with Matrika?
For International Customers:
Paypal: which accepts all major International Cards (Not for Indian Customers)
For Indian Customers: CC Avenue which accepts
American Express / Visa / Master Card / Diners Club credit card
Visa / Master Card / Maestro debit card
Net Banking if you have an account in any of the following banks:
Axis Bank
JK Bank
State Bank of India
Federal Bank
Citi Bank
Karnataka Bank
Corporation Bank
State Bank of Hyderabad
State Bank of Mysore
State Bank of Travancore
Indian Bank
& more...

Note: MatrikaFashions.com is working constantly to include more banks & payment options so the above information will be updated as and when the new options are enabled.

Please suggest, "Is it safe to use credit or debit card or banking detail with Matrika"? / What will happen to my credit-card information?
We do not store any of your card & banking details. We connect to 3rd-party payment gateway using secured channel.
Our payment partners PayPal and CCAvenue have achieved the new PCI DSS Standards of Compliance, which make them in some of the most secure payment gateways in the world.

How does COD work?
We don’t have cash on delivery facility right now.

How to track my shipments?
Once your shipment is shipped, you will receive an email the shipping details & tracking number.